Scope of Work

  • The scope of work is limited to the creation and refinement of boundary maps and utilizing demographic and geographic data based on these maps for review. The District envisions the firm working collaboratively with a small team on the project, while also facilitating a process inclusive of the greater District community, to produce initial sets of maps and datasets, and refining these maps over time in order to achieve a preferred scenario or set of scenarios. Our expectation is for the Firm to plan, guide, coordinate and conduct the public engagement process.

    The District will provide the firm with current enrollment, geographic and demographic data for current enrollment, as well as enrollment projections and geographic data for the next five years. For each boundary map/scenario, the Firm will provide corresponding datasets that include the:

    • Student count by grade level within each proposed attendance area.
    • Student demographic information for each proposed attendance area, including percentage of
    • students by race and percentage of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch.
    • Average distance from residences to school for each proposed attendance area.
    • Number of neighborhoods or streets split between multiple attendance areas.
    • Number of residences and students by grade level placed in a new elementary attendance zone.