District Information

  • WGSD THUMBNAIL One of the oldest of 23 St Louis County Public School systems, the Webster Groves School District is the product of a diverse, close-knit community that has long valued the importance of education. The District was established in 1869, before the incorporation of the five communities within its borders. The District currently operates a preschool, six elementary schools, one sixth grade center, one middle school and one high school. Known for a commitment to excellence and strong support from parents and its community, the District continues to be recognized for the quality of education it provides district students.

    Listed below are the area and enrollment capacity (without modular units) of each District elementary school for the fall of 2021:

    School Area (square footage) Enrollment Capacity
    Avery Elementary 62,803 s.f. 452 students
    Bristol Elementary 70,610 s.f. 433 students
    Clark Elementary 40,234 s.f. 301 students
    Edgar Road Elementary 47,836 s.f. 351 students
    Hudson Elementary 39,092 s.f. 264 students
    Givens Elementary (currently includes Steger Sixth Grade Center) 79,612 s.f. 462 students