Enrollment Process

  • The first step of the enrollment process is to contact your child's guidance counselor:

    Fall Enrollment Deadline: July 31st
    Spring Enrollment Deadline: November 15th

    Alexandra King (Last Names A-E)
    Phone: 314.963.6400 | Ext.: 11916

    Ken Winingham (Last Names F-K)
    Phone: 314.963.6400 | Ext.: 11914

    Catherine Aschinger (Last Names L-R)
    Phone: 314.963.6400 | Ext.: 11912

    Simone Cunningham (Last Names S-Z)
    Phone: 314.963.6400 | Ext.: 11913

    The guidance counselor will then walk the students through all of the necessary forms that will need to be completed prior to the enrollment process.

    For K - 8 students, please contact your building principal first.