Homework Policy

  • Homework is not assigned in my class. Periodically, students will need to finish a class assignment as homework, or study for a quiz or test. Assignments and study materials are always posted on Google Classroom.

    My personal opinion regarding homework is when students leave school the priority should be family time and time for extracurriculars. I believe it's still important to go over the day's work, study and read every night. However, kids do a lot outside of school and at this point in their educational career homework is another worry that doesn't need to be just for the sake of having it. When I was growing up, homework always became a time of arguing, frustration, and even crying. It was an anxious time in my household, and I do not want to bring that to your home simply because "students should have homework." 

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


    Leslie Creath