Missouri Geography


    Missouri's geographical features are interesting and very different!



    On which continent is Missouri? On your map of the world, do this:

    a.   Give the map a title
    b.   Label Missouri's continent in RED. 

    c.   Label the rest of the continents in black (pencil is fine).

    d.  Label the oceans in blue.

      U.S. REGIONS 

    The United States has several regions. On your map of the United States, do this:

    a.   Draw lines to separate the regions.  Shade the regions different colors.

    b.  Make a key on your map to explain what each color represents.  For example, red=Midwest


    What states border Missouri? On your map of the United States, do this:

    a.  Label Missouri in red.

    b.  On your map of the U.S., label ONLY the states that border, or touch, Missouri in black. Do not label any other states. 


    Check out pages 8 - 9 in the Missouri text.  On your map of Missouri that shows the division of Missouri's regions, do this:

    a.  Give the map a title.
    b.  Color Missouri's regions different colors.

    c.  Create a key that explains what those colors represent.  For example, yellow = Osage Plains.

    d.  On the key, after each color's explanation write a few notes that explain the important characteristic of that region.  For example, yellow = Osage Plains; flat land that is great for farming and raising farm animals.


    Missouri has big cities and small towns.  On your map of Missouri, label Missouri's major cities.  Label St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and one other city.

    Rivers are an important part of Missouri.  On your map of Missouri, label the Missouri River, the Mississippi River, and one other river.