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    The Academic Lab (AC) space provides an opportunity for students to not only receive additional tutoring and academic support, but this AC will challenge every student to become a creative problem-solver who understands how to advocate for themselves in a reflective manner.  This class serves as a support for freshmen students who had less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA while at Hixson. Students can ear ¼ credit per semester. In order to earn that credit, students must accomplish the following: 


    1. Discover their academic identity (What are your interests, and how will those interests guide your career at Webster, and your academic career beyond Webster?) 
    2. Build academic and social networks that are conducive for success (Will the student choose to engage in service-learning?  Internships? Volunteer work? Are they familiar with their counselors and their Assistant Principals? ) 
    3. Schedule conferences to review data
    4. Set goals based on data
    5. Demonstrate the ability to organize
    6. Engage in self-reflection
    7. Learn how to self-advocate

    COURSE GRADING  (Items 1-6 will start on the week of the 21th);  Openers are everyday occurences. 

    1. Tyler SIS - Demonstrate an ability to log-on to the Tyler SIS 360 system starting August 21.  I will begin to conduct weekly meetings with each student to review their data (attendance, grades, and discipline) 
    2. Weekly Reflection - After each conference, students will fill out a reflection sheet stating not only their goals but how they will meet those goals.  If a student is experiencing any problems in a class, they will demonstrate the ability to repair the relationship with that respective teacher.  These reflections are due every Friday and will be submitted via Classroom. Students will also print out their reflections and proof of their conferences. 
    3. Organization/Conference  - This particular grade will require students to demonstrate how they are keeping track of assignments. This grade is given on a weekly basis.  Students will submit their forms on Classroom, and print them out.     
    4. Visit your counselor - Each student will schedule an appointment with their counselor once during each grading period.  They will document how that meeting impacts their future, and their counselor will sign off on this form. 
    5. AP Signature - I want every student to build a rapport with their AP.  Due to the fact that APs have sporadic schedules, you can visit them once, and simply get their signature.    
    6. Chelsea Center - During the course of the school year, I will have Ms. Kerry Arens from the Chelsea Center visit the class and discuss options for students.  Students are to write a reflection about their visit, and they are to arrange a meeting with Ms. Arens to discuss potentially how to meet their academic and career interests.  The student will document these meetings, and submit them via Classroom. 

    Opener: Students will complete their online forms stating specifically what class they will be working on, and their goals.  This document can also be shared with the teacher of that respective class if a