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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Communications- 2006 MFA Writing - 2017

Mr. Dane Gasparovic

I believe I know what you are thinking.

How do you pronounce his name?


I know the struggles of hearing one’s name mispronounced. My elementary principal once called me “Mr. Asparagus” through the booming intercom during an all-fifth grade trip to the library, and when he did, you would have seen a hundred students, a handful of teachers and one school librarian unite in stifled, then eventually, outright laughter.

Volunteer tutoring pulled me into the realm of teaching. While working during the day for a large company in Saint Louis, I began tutoring during evenings through Urban Future and was able to help a variety of students and earned the 2011 Urban Future Tutor of the Year Award - something I am proud of - and eventually ended up as the Emerson YMCA Learning Lab Instructor. The teaching bug had bitten, and would not let go, so I pursued teaching as a full-time occupation in 2011. From there I taught high school until 2018 and now find myself in the Webster Groves school district.

Besides being a teacher, I have also inhabited the professional roles of tour guide, domestic/world business travel director, and marketing coordinator. I continue to keep an undying hope that the Saint Louis Blues will one day hoist the Stanley Cup down Market Street and look forward to the day when Lake Street Dive is suggested listening in music class. Until that wonderful day, I will continue to enjoy the arts of learning and discovery, even if there are a few mispronunciations along the way.