•      Sixth grade science in Webster Groves focuses on three distinct, but overlapping units of study:  Ecology, Life Over Time, and Earth Processes. 

         In Ecology, students will explore resource availability, interdependent relationships, cycling of matter and flow of energy, photosynthesis and cell respiration, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and disruptions to ecosystems.  The students will participate in simulations, create and conduct experiments, and use their learning to make claims, provide supporting evidence, and use reasoning to tie the claim to the evidence.

         In our Life Over Time unit of study, the students will continue to use the concepts and skills they acquired in Ecology, now applying them to how life has changed on Earth over long periods of time.  The two topics we focus on are the fossil record and evolution by means of natural selection.  In this unit, students will analyze data, interpret patterns, make inferences, and construct explanations.  Life Over Time serves as a perfect segue to our final unit.

         For 6th graders, Earth Processes includes the topics of rock strata, plate tectonics, geoscience, internal processes, rock cycle, and distribution of resources.  Students will use, critique, and create models of the processes they study.  Throughout the unit, we will continue to incorporate the concepts learned in Ecology and Life Over Time as we tie together how the processes on Earth impact life here.