Student Insurance

  • August 2018

    Dear Parents:

    The Webster Groves School District recommends that all students have accident insurance. However, by state law, the School District is generally prohibited from purchasing such insurance on behalf of its students, and the liability of the School District for student accidents is limited by Missouri law.

    However, state law does allow a school district to designate an insurance carrier to offer group rates for accident insurance for students. In the past some parents have taken advantage of this low cost insurance for their children. The Webster Groves School District has no interest in this insurance other than to make it possible for families who wish to obtain such insurance coverage. Neither the School District nor any school official profit in any way from the participation of pupils in this program.

    For those who would be interested in participating in a group policy, the District would like to identify Reliable Life Insurance Company as an underwriter for this insurance. The company conducts its student insurance business (also known as KidGuard) in the St. Louis area through Lawrence E. Smith and Associates, Inc., the agency designated on the return envelope that accompanies this letter. The enclosed literature outlines the insurance program and costs. Parents wishing to participate in the program should complete the application, indicating the plan selected and mail the application with a check or money order in the enclosed envelope. Make checks or money orders payable to Kidguard. Do not send currency. Please direct any questions you may have to KidGuard Insurance 1-800-325-1350.



    Bruce Ellermann
    Assistant Superintendent, Chief Operating Officer
    Webster Groves School District