Progress Report Markings

  •  Webster Groves School District Progress Reports are designed to monitor and promote the district’s mission of ‘academic and personal success for every student.’  Teachers use a variety of measures to evaluate student progress through the year including class assignments, reading analyses, teacher observations and tests.  This progress report is one of many tools (others include conferences, portfolios, and work sent home) used to communicate information about your child’s academic and personal success.  It will be distributed three times during the school year and will show your child’s performance on the most important strategies and content of his or her grade level. 

    Progress Report Markings 
    (for student curriculum marks/learning goals)
    M:  Meeting: The child applies the learning goal (district grade level expectation).
    A:  Approaching: The child applies a basic understanding of the goal.
    B:  Beginning: The child applies an initial understanding of the goal.
    N/A: Not assessed at this time.
    Y: Yes
    N: No

    Living and Working in the classroom:  
    Indicators in Living and Working in the classroom will use these three descriptors, as this area includes strategies best described by the frequency with which the student uses the skill.
    U: Usually
    O: Occasionally
    S:  Seldom
    X – Marking Selections 

    Grade-Level Learning Goals
    Kindergarten  |  First Grade  |  Second Grade  |  Third Grade  |  Fourth Grade  |  Fifth Grade