• Can I eat in your class?

    • Yes and no. If we are using computers, there is no food or drink allowed. If we are doing paperwork, then I am okay with HEALTHY snacks. So, no giant bags of candy or chips. My general rule of thumb is that if I can see it (meaning it is distracting or it leaves cheesy residue all over your hands), smell it (like tuna - no thank you!), hear it (super crunchy or crinkly wrappers), or find it (leftover wrappers, crumbs, sticky residue, etc). Also, please keep in mind that we have friends with allergies. Please keep snacks NUT FREE.

    Do we have homework?

    • Yes. If there are things you did not finish in class, you will have to finish it at home. Does this mean it will be every night? No. If you use your time wisely, you should be able to have your evenings to yourself (save for the nightly reading that you must do for ELA). 

    Can I turn things in late?

    • Sure - better late than never. BUT, you will lose points. The big outside world runs on deadlines. We are learning how to operate in that world and the learning process allows us mistakes. That means we just need to figure out how to keep you on track and caught up.

    Are you mean?

    • Ha! I don't think so. My rule of thumb is that I will trust you until you give me a reason not to. I will always respect you, but if you are failing to meet my expectations then we will have to correct that. Keep in mind that I can't do my job well unless you are doing your job well. We are a team and we need to work together.

    Can I have my phone in class?

    • No. You don't need it. BUT, I know that we all love our phones, so as long as I don't see it or hear it and you are not on it, we will be good. Keep it tucked away and know that there is a time and a place to be on it, and my class is not it. We will not need it in class. 

    Where is my chromebook and why do I have to share it?

    • Yes, in the past each kid had a chromebook that was theirs. This was hard to maintain. So now, each teacher will have a set in their room for you to use. I will assign you one computer to use when you are with me. You are only allowed to use that computer. And, there will be a kid in each of my other classes that is assigned to that computer. If anything happens to your computer, please let me know so that we can get it fixed up and keep it in tip-top shape.

    What if I don't have a computer or Internet access at home?

    • No worries. Talk to me about it and we will figure something out. I can print things out or we can arrange a time to work together before or after school to keep you caught up.

    What happens if I am absent?

    • If you know you are going to be gone ahead of time, please let me know. I can gather work for you so you can re-enter class all caught up. For sudden illness, I will give youthe work when you come back. There is a spot in my room where all of the handouts are housed. See me and we will grab what you need and I will tell you what needs to be done and when it is due.

    Why do I have to have a book with me at all times?

    • There are so many minutes in a day that we have where are brains are stalled. We are going to utilize these minutes and steal them for reading. Finish a math test early - READ. Done with your Science project - READ. Technology not working in Social Studies and your teacher is having a mini-coniption fit - READ.