• Q. What time does school start?

    A. The first bell rings at 8:10. Students can arrive no earlier than 8:00. They will have to wait in the hallway until 8:10. The final bell rings at 8:20. Students arriving after 8:20 will need to check in at the office.

    Q. When does school end?

    A. School dismisses at 3:00. 

    Q. Where do I pick up my child?

    A. We will meet you on the front lawn to the right of the building (as you're looking at it) about halfway down the middle sidewalk. Students will be requiered to give me a "handshake", "high five" or "hug" before being dismissed to you. A quick email or note in the Take Home Folder is fine for letting me know that someone other than you will be picking them up. 

    Q. Will my child have homework?

    A. The only daily homework your child will have is to read or be read to for 15-20 minutes EACH day. There will be other occasional assignments given throughout the year. You will be notified about the them as they are assigned.