• Why do we have reading specialists?

    Clark is fortunate to have two reading specialsts to work with our students.  Sometimes students need a little extra reading attention and practice to become the best readers that they can become. 

    How do I know which reading teacher will work with my child?

    Generally Mrs. Puorro works with our Kindergarten and 1st graders and Mrs. Wendt works with 2nd - 5th graders, but you may find that they cross over those grade levels at times and will work with all of the students.

    What can I do to help my child with his/her reading?

    Read, read, read!  Reading to your child, reading with your child, and listening to your child read are all great ways to share in the love of reading.  Point out text that's all around, we call this environmental print.  Maybe it's the street signs you pass by or the menu at a restaurant or the cereal box, connect reading to things your child sees regularly.

    Check out these websites for more tips. Reading Rockets, Scholastic Parents

    If you have any other questions please contact our Reading Specialists.

    Lisa Wendt | wendt.lisa@wgmail.org

    Amy Puorro | puorro.amy@wgmail.org