Class Placement

  • Dear Avery Elementary Parents and Guardians,

    One of the most important planning components during the spring is creating class assignments.  We value your input as we begin this process of assigning your child to a teacher for next year.

    We have an optional sheet for you to complete to help us in this process.  Please take a moment to fill in your child’s “Strengths” and “Items to Consider.” We cannot honor parent requests for a specific teacher.

    Please allow me to share the list of priorities that are utilized in the class placement process.  When looking at the class make-up, the following are considered:

    • Personality
    • Boy-Girl Balance
    • Diversity
    • Class size (number balance)
    • Academic Needs
    • Medical Needs
    • Location Needs
    • Social Needs

    Here is how the process will work using this priority list (same as in years past).

    • Parents may provide input on their child’s strengths and items to consider on the parent input form.  These forms should be returned to your child’s classroom teacher no later than APRIL 8th.   
    • Grade level teams (teachers) will meet to have lengthy conversations and place students according to returned forms, above listed priorities, and educational knowledge and background of each child.
    • Specialists (Music, Art, PE, Reading, Special School District, WINGS, and Project Plus teachers) will review the initial lists and make changes if necessary.
    • Counselor, Social Worker, and Principals will review and make changes based on confidential information shared from input forms.
    • Grade level teams (teachers) will review all changes and make final recommendations to the Principals.

    On the last day of schoolwe will be hosting a “Fly Up” day in which students can briefly meet their upcoming teacher during the school day.  Class lists will not be posted prior to this time.

    I am convinced that with parental feedback (see attached optional Parent Input Form) and Avery staff’s true professional knowledge of the children, each child will be placed in the most conducive environment for their learning.  I am looking forward to the upcoming spring and especially our “Fly Up” day.  Thanks for your time and patience with this matter and for the feedback on the attached form. 


    Dr. Kevin Starks