District Returns to In-Person Learning

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    Walter Ambrose Family Center Preschool students were the first to return to in-person learning.
    These photos show spacing and transparent dividers being used in elementary classrooms in the district.

    After beginning this school year with all students at home learning remotely, elementary school halls once again rang with the voices of children following a decision by the Board of Education to bring back kindergarten through second grade children to the schools in mid-October. The children who returned had chosen the district Responsive Learning Plan, which began in a virtual mode but included the possibility of returning to in-person learning if it could be done safely. The district also offered a Virtual Program for the semester; students in that format will continue working remotely through the end of the semester.

    Following guidance from the St. Louis County Health Department, the district is planning to bring back older students gradually, so long as health indicators and other factors allow it to do so safely. At this time, all fall sports have begun, with parents as the only spectators. These games are not open to the public.
    Students returned to the Walter Ambrose Family Center Preschool in August.

    At Clark At Edgar Road Precautions at Givens

    The decision to open schools came following continued review of local cases and transmission data; the continued success of in-person student and adult experiences in district schools and workplaces; the success of districts that have returned to in-person learning; feedback from stakeholders and guidance from public health and medical authorities.

    Safety measures in place for all students and staff members returning to school buildings include a requirement for screening all students and staff who return; face coverings for everyone indoors and outdoors at all times except when eating, drinking or during specific breaks when masks can be removed; social distancing and keeping students in cohort groups throughout the day.

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    Grades three through five returned to full-time in-person learning Oct. 28. Grades six through 12 returned in November. As students return, the district has recognized the importance of remaining flexible, since it may have to change directions at very short notice. You can read the district’s back to school plan, frequently asked questions and view community health indicator charts on the district’s Return To School website https://mo02202299.schoolwires.net/Page/23304