8 - Mathematics Course Placement

  • All students enrolled in Math 7 are assessed in the spring of 7th grade to determine course placement for 8th grade. Again, the majority of 7th grade students continue onto Math 8. Some 8th grade students who show proficiency of the Math 8 curriculum will be placed in Algebra 1.

    Algebra 1 is offered as an elective choice for all students in Math 8. Algebra 1 is a high school level course, typically taken as a freshman. It is an intense course that requires a lot of hard work and perseverance in problem solving. You can view the course curriculum on the High School tab to the left.

    All 8th grade students taking Algebra 1 must maintain a 75% or higher average in order to remain in the course.

    How are 9th grade math course placement decisions made?
    Students are placed in high school classes based on their 8th grade teacher's recommendation.

    WGSD Math Progression chart