• Please contact WGHS' social workers or counselors for assistance identifying local mental health professionals. They can provide names of therapists and psychiatrists with whom other families have had positive experiences.

    Healthyplace.com provides comprehensive information on mental health and psychiatric disorders and medication: http://www.healthyplace.com/

    Eating Disorders
    Nationwide Eating Disorder Organizations

    Psychological Evaluations
    Community Psychological Services offers free evaluations for children and youth under the Children’s Service Fund.  Please note, there is a waiting list for evaluations.

    NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Support Groups 

    NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group
    Every Monday 1:00-2:30 pm
    Adapt of Missouri, 2301 Hampton, St. Louis, Mo 63139
    Contact NAMI St. Louis at 314-962-4670

    Family Support Group
    4th Wednesday
    Kirkwood United Church of Christ, 1603 Dougherty Ferry Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122
    Contact NAMI St. Louis at 314-962-4670

    Family Support Group
    1st Thursday
    Christ Church, 7126 Bruno (at corner of Bruno and Bellevue), Maplewood, MO 63143
    Contact NAMI St. Louis at 314-962-4670

    Family Support Group 
    2nd and 4th Thursday
    Kirkwood United Methodist Church, 201 West Adams, St. Louis, MO 63122
    Contact NAMI St. Louis at 314-962-4670

    Children's Service Fund
    Free Services for Youth in St. Louis County

    Free Services for Youth in St. Louis County
    (314) 628 – 2929  or  1-877-928-2929

    “In November 2008, St. Louis County voters passed a 1/4 cent sales tax measure, also known as Proposition 1 and Putting Kids First, which created a community children's service fund to provide mental health and substance abuse services for children and youth ages nineteen and under in St. Louis County.”  - St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund

    While the economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, many parents and guardians of teens are finding themselves without a job.  One of the greatest losses with the loss of full-time employment is the loss of health insurance for family.  Out of pocket costs for quality mental health and substance abuse services can be cost prohibitive.  Fortunately the Children’s Service Fund provides free services for St. Louis County children and youth in 10 specific service areas from shelters and respite care to counseling and prevention services.

    Visit www.keepingkidsfirst.com to learn more about services available in these areas or call the helpline at (314) 628 – 2929 and someone will refer you to an agency who can best address your child’s needs.  There are a number of quality service providers covered through the grant, but we want to take this opportunity to highlight just a couple.

    Community Psychological Services at UMSL – Are you feeling lost as to why your child continues to struggle even though you’ve tried a number of suggestions?  CPS provides comprehensive psychological evaluations that help answer your questions and connect you with the support you and your child need. Call (314) 516 – 5824 for an appointment.

    Family Solutions for Kids – From prevention to after-care, this program supports families who are facing challenges in family functioning.  With individualized services, families receive assessment, case management, parent education, family therapy, and much more.  Call (314) 427 – 2682 to speak with the intake coordinator.

    Bridges to Success – BtS is offered through Brigeway Behavioral Health to provide substance abuse education and treatment to adolescents ages 13 through 19.  Adolescents receive the level of treatment appropriate for them, from the outpatient program to day treatment.  Call (314) 395 – 7101 for a phone screening.

    Jewish Family & Children’s Service – With a full array of services, JF & CS offers counseling and psychiatric care for children and youth in St. Louis County.  Families can receive individual or family counseling and adolescents with greater needs can participate in a more intensive and specific treatment.  Children and youth can also receive a psychiatric assessment and an agreed upon treatment plan from a child psychiatrist.  If a child or adolescent is prescribed medication, he/she will be monitored by the child psychiatrist.  Call (314) 993 – 100 to inquire about services.


    Free Counseling Services through the
    Children’s Service Fund
    for children & youth ages 19 and under living in St. Louis County 
    Call the St. Louis County Youth Connection Helpline
    (314) 628 – 2929
    1 – 877 – 928 – 2929

    Provident, Inc............................................................ (314) 533 – 8200
    Integrated services include clinical assessment, individual and family counseling, 24 hour access to clinical specialists by telephone, clinical case management, and group counseling. Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a masters level clinician, telephonic clinical specialist, and clinical case manager. Unstructured counseling groups use the same treatment models as individual therapy. Higher functioning youth are assigned to groups based on diagnosis, such as substance abuse, anger management, grief, suicide attempters, or depression

    Central City Center
    2650 Olive Street
    St. Louis, MO 63103

    Illinois Center
    141 Market Place Drive, Suite 206
    Fairview Heights, IL 62208

    Jefferson County Center
    3675 W. Outer Road, Suite 203
    Arnold, MO 63010

    North County Center
    409 South Florissant
    Ferguson, MO 63135

    West County Center
    12755 Olive Street, Suite 115
    Creve Coeur, MO 63141

    Wildwood Center
    2634 Highway 109, Suite E
    Wildwood, MO 63040

    Catholic Family Services

    Provides individual office-based therapy to youth who are suffering from mental health issues. The therapists diagnose the children and employ a variety of evidence-based therapeutic practices when treating them. The project also provides group counseling to youth who are enduring similar emotional challenges, such as the life disruptions and uncertainty inherent to divorce, and family counseling to youth, siblings, and parents when matters within the family dynamic have been determined to be a contributing factor to youths’ mental health issues. In addition, the project provides four-week parenting skills classes using the nationally recognized Love and Logic ® curriculum.

    South & Central County .............................................. (314) 544 – 3800
    North & Central County.............................................. (314) 831 – 1533
    West County.................................................................... (636) 391 – 9966

    South County Office
    9200 Watson Rd, G-101
    St. Louis, MO 63126

    Northwest Office
    1385 Harkee Drive
    Florissant, MO 63031

    West County Office
    498 Woods Mill Road
    Manchester, MO 63011

    Lutheran Family & Children’s Services.... (314) 787 – 5100
    Therapeutic counseling services that include assessment, individual/family therapy, and school consultation.

    St. Louis Office
    8631 Delmar Blvd.
    St. Louis, Missouri 63124

    Jewish Family & Children’s Services......... (314) 993 – 1000 Ask for Intake
    Individual, group and family therapy (with the child present) is offered for counseling issues. Psychological Testing is offered in the following categories: psycho diagnostic assessment (such as school readiness testing); developmental and behavioral assessment (to identify children who should receive a more intensive assessment); psycho educational assessment (a “full battery” covering multiple areas of functioning and personality)

    10950 Schuetz Road
    St. Louis, MO 63146

    Safe Connections...................................................... (314) 646 – 7500 x146
    Individual counseling and therapeutic support groups for teen girls and boys who have been affected by family, dating and/or sexual violence. Individual and group counseling services are offered at the agency. One-on-one counseling sessions are provided once a week (or more frequently if needed).

    2165 Hampton Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63139

    Kids In The Middle.................................................. (314) 909 – 9922
    Kids In The Middle (KITM) helps children, parents and families thrive during and after divorce through counseling, education and support. When participating in group, individual and family counseling, children express their thoughts and feelings about the changes in the family, learn coping skills for managing the transition and find relief from anxiety and depression. Because parents play an integral role in helping their children adjust, therapists also work with the parents through individual and family counseling, co-parenting counseling, education and support groups.

    Eligibility Criteria: Kids In The Middle works with children ages three through eighteen and their parents. If parents have joint legal custody, both parents must consent to treatment for the children.

    2650 South Hanley Road, Suite 150
    Maplewood, MO 63144

    Free or Sliding Scale Psychiatric Care

    St. Louis County or City

    4411 Newstead
    531 – 7110

    - Walk-in: Assessment (2-3 hours)
    - Bring: SSN Card for Child, parent ID, proof of address (if not on ID), child’s insurance card, proof of income (check stub, food stamp, unemployment, any letter from DSS), list of all medications

    - 1-2 months to see Doctor

    Grace Hill
    2220 Lemp
    814 – 8777
    St. Louis County Only

    Children’s Service Fund

    Jewish Family and Children’s Services

    Dr. Robin Park
    10950 Schuetz Road

    Rochelle Novack
    812 – 9389


    Every Child’s Hope

    8240 Saint Charles Rock Road
    Eve Dyson (contact)
    427 – 3832


    Lutheran Family and Children’s Services

    8631 Delmar Blvd #100
    787 – 5100

    - Must see a social worker for an evaluation and keep therapy appointments.  Approximately 1-2 months to see psychiatrist

    BJC Behavioral Health

    343 South Kirkwood Road, Suite 200
    729 – 4004