• Research shows that the single most important factor contributing to student achievement and success is attendance. When students are absent from class, they miss out on questions, explanations, and discussions. In addition, information is normally presented sequentially, with each class needed as a foundation for the next class. Too many missed classes leaves holes in the learning process which are not easily repaired. If a pattern of poor attendance continues students fall very behind.
    Here are some tips for helping parents support good school attendance:

    • Talk with your teen about the importance of attending school regularly and be a good role model. You go to work if you have a headache or the weather is cold- your teen should also go to school on those days.
    • Don’t accept excuses for why your teen “must” miss or be late for school. Discuss ahead of time what constitutes an illness serious enough to miss school.
    • Avoid scheduling family trips or doctor or dentist appointments during school hours whenever possible.
    • Support school rules and consequences for skipping class and being tardy.
    • Encourage your teen to eat a healthy diet and to get enough sleep and exercise.
    • Discuss what happened at school each day.
    • Provide incentives for improving school attendance and promptness.